Price List

Smaller cake toppers - approx 4.5" high

      drunk bride and groom 

      small wedding couple

      teddy bear couple

      novelty topper                                  £59.99

Wedding couple - approx 6" tall - fully detailed

     in wedding attire

     dressed to represent jobs/hobbies      £89.99

Additional figures - on same base 

      Adult                                  £30.00

      Teenage child                   £20.00

      Small child                        £10.00

      Small dog/cat                   £5.00

      Medium/large dog          £10.00

      Horse                                 £69.99

Individual adult figure on separate base     £44.99

Individual child figure on separate base      £34.99

Props - any additional props can be ordered. Price from   £5.00

Please contact me if you would like a personalised quotation

Postage and Packing  UK                      £8.50

                                        Europe              £16.50

                                        USA                   £24.00