Ace Characters are not just for weddings - they are popular for birthdays, christenings, retirements, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations - or any other celebration in which a  cake is involved.​

In addition to the cake figures, I have recently started making custom models of horses and ponies.  A new page for these has been added to the website.

I have two grown up children a lovely grandson, two dogs and two budgies.   My partner and I have three vintage caravan restoration projects -which are making very slow progress!  We are the proud owners of two rescued gypsy cobs, who had been badly neglected, and were in a sorry state.  They are now very much loved and pampered.  The horse in the photograph is Ace - after whom Ace Characters is named.

​​​I do not try to copy your facial features (although beards, moustaches, glasses etc are added) The figures are intended to be a cute, fun, quirky representation of yourselves, and to give you an everlasting keepsake of your special day.  In the past they have also been ordered for thank you gifts for bride and groom's parents, and for bridesmaids.  


Welcome to Ace Characters, a new business launched in April 2015.  My name is Elaine, and I am a registered veterinary nurse with an advanced surgical diploma.  I have been making polymer clay items as a hobby for several years, and after much practice I began the personalised figures. After a twenty year career in veterinary nursing, I have recently reduced my hours to two days per week, to allow me to focus on the cake toppers.

​The cake toppers are made at home in the corner of my living room.  I do not use any moulds, so every figure is unique. I like to capture as much detail of the dress as I can.  I also match the hairstyle and colour, bouquet and groom's outfit.  Of course, some wedding couples like to have a topper which represents them in some other way, such as their jobs, or hobbies, and some like to include their pets or children as well.